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101trans.gif (821 bytes) To aid in your selection of specific, technical information, please recognize that Metro has several major operating groups. Please select the appropriate link for detailed information
101trans.gif (821 bytes) High speed processing and assembly equipment. Designers and builders of custom automation machines of any size or capability, specializing in high speed process and assembly equipment.
Major contract machine shop facility designing for your needs. Major contract manufacturing shop facility featuring automated machine tools. Contract fabrication and assembly available per customer specifications.
Mechanical and Electrical engineering services. Engineering & Sales Services  for engineering studies, prototype design, machine design, automation machine and systems build, and controls engineering.
Turnkey Automation projects.

Within the Automation Group, we offer a highly experienced and efficient systems automation team.  We have successfully integrated a wide range of PLC, HMI, Vision Systems, Robotics and networking solutions and believe that one of our key deliverables is to “provide documentary evidence that the control system operates as specified.”.

OEM manufacturer of proprietary hydraulic components. OEM manufacturer of proprietary hydraulic components, specializing in manually actuated control valves for light equipment use.

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Designers and builders of custom machines. Information on Metro Machine and Engineering Corp.
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